Monday, January 12, 2009

Hannah Montana Ban

Cindy Crawford has banned her mini me daughter watching Hannah Montanna. Apparently she believes that Kaya 7, will become "sassy" if she starts watching the Disney Show.
Cindy says " I love Hannah Montana, but my daughter learns to be sassy from that show. "I'll say to her, 'I don't let anyone talk to me like that. I 'll certainly not take it from a 7 yr old in my own house.' " (showbiz spy)
Many mothers I know have similar views about Miley Cyrus' show. My daughter only watches in small doses. Does anyone else ban their kids from this show?


Julie said...

My little girl who is 8 years old loves to watch Hannah Montanna show. I have to agree with Cindy Crawford that girls are turnning into MISS SASSY, I know for sure mine has. I am not going to officially ban Hannah Montanna Show but definitely something need to be done soon.

Mommy of 8 years old Princess

Mama said...

Absolutely! My daughter is almost 9 and she has the teen 'tude.